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Christmas 2010 in photos

Christmas 2010 in photos

Not the best photo recap either, haha. Sorry for the lack of updates lately! I’ve been super duper lazy due to a crazy-long holiday vacation, which I’ve pretty much spent watching One Piece, playing FFXIV, doing house chores, or running errands for my parents. Okay, so yes, pictures: So many smiling faces! Nothing better than ...
This year's Christmas cookies: snowflakes!

This year’s Christmas cookies: snowflakes!

I always bake huge batches of sugar cookies at least twice a year: for Valentine’s and Christmas. Although I use the exact same recipe every time (which I hope is tasty, lol), I try to spice things up by making the cookies look different each year. That, of course, is easily done with the use ...
iPad Game for Cats

iPad Game for Cats

Yes, you read that right. A company called Hiccup has released an iPad game exclusively for kitties! And it’s FREE! I would have loved to check this out if I had an iPad … I’m sure my two curious felines would be all over it. Download link: iPad Game for Cats
Girls' Nite In

Girls’ Nite In

This was a spontaneous event with my girlfriends last month. It was a total success! I highly recommend hosting something like this if you feel like bonding with your girls. Here’s what we did all night. First, we hit up Kroger to buy stuff to cook for dinner.  Add in the chips, ice cream, and ...