I stopped by 99 Ranch Market for the first time yesterday, to buy stuff for the New Year’s alms round at my temple. To my surprise, I found My Beauty Diary masks on sale there! And other cool items from brands like Dolly Wink, Biore and Gatsby! I never thought I’d find them locally. However, I only picked up My Beauty Diary stuff this time!

My Beauty Diary provides a wide selection of masks to suit different skin texture needs in different seasons.

My Beauty Diary: 7 Top Sellers

Cute packaging!

I bought two boxes of My Beauty Diary’s 7 Top Sellers: Brightening & Hydrating Masks at $8.99 each. GREAT deal if you’ve tried buying this online, and you don’t even have to pay shipping!

This limited-edition sampler of 7 top sellers is PERFECT for trying or travel … Try for yourself or give to someone you care. Each flavour has natural ingredients that promote radiantly clear, beautifully bright, and impeccably hydrated smooth skin. A great way to try the very best!

Apparently, it’s a USA limited edition package. The “flavors” in this box include:

  • Black Pearl
  • Aloe
  • Q10
  • Natto
  • Red Wine
  • Bird’s Nest
  • Pearl Powder

I’ve arranged them according to that order below:

My Beauty Diary: 7 Top Sellers

Hmm ... so many options!

This brand is super popular in East Asia, and I’m so glad I finally got the chance to get my hands on a box! If you’re already a fan of My Beauty Diary, 99 Ranch Market has a great range of other boxes available at decent prices.

Out of the 7, I had no idea which one to try first, so I let my boyfriend randomly choose. He pulled out the Black Pearl mask, and I used it last night before I went to bed. Loved it! My skin felt awesome afterwards. Definitely better quality than the other masks I’ve tried! Can’t wait to use the other ones.

Yay for new stuff in time for the New Year!

Link: My Beauty Diary