Not the best photo recap either, haha. Sorry for the lack of updates lately! I’ve been super duper lazy due to a crazy-long holiday vacation, which I’ve pretty much spent watching One Piece, playing FFXIV, doing house chores, or running errands for my parents.

Okay, so yes, pictures:

So many smiling faces! Nothing better than spending the holidays with family and friends. These are actually photos from our Christmas Eve party (which happened to be a celebration for my cousin’s birthday as well) and opening presents on Christmas Day.

I had a wonderful X-mas this year. My favorite present was from my mom: she gave me her heart diamond ring! I love diamonds (they happen to be my birthstone too) but they’re so expensive! When I went on an Alaskan cruise in September, to my surprise, all the ports were filled with jewelry stores. I really wanted to buy something with diamonds, but my mom was suspicious of the low prices, so I ended up with nothing. She must have remembered!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas too!