“>Christmas 2010 Cookies

Pretty nom noms!

I always bake huge batches of sugar cookies at least twice a year: for Valentine’s and Christmas. Although I use the exact same recipe every time (which I hope is tasty, lol), I try to spice things up by making the cookies look different each year. That, of course, is easily done with the use of various cookie cutters and food coloring/sprinkles.

Last year, I went with a Christmas tree theme, and I think everything came out quite well! When the time came to prepare for this year’s cookies, snowflakes just seemed like a really fun project. I’ve never really done any piping decorations with icing before, so this would have given me a great opportunity to try. I even chose a blue color scheme, going against my traditional choices of red, green and white.

“>Christmas 2010 Cookies

This is actually a small portion of what was made ...

Well, ultimately, I had to rush my batch of cookies, and it turns out that my first BIG mixture of icing was too runny. I didn’t realize it until it was too late — I already bottled all the icing and there was no way I could add more powdered sugar to thicken it up. It was getting late, and I was too tired to remake the icing, so I just winged it: no piping, just an even layer with sprinkles on top.

It was 2 a.m. by the time I was out of icing, and I had work early the next morning. I still had a ton of cookies left to finish, but I had to save ‘em for the next day. No worries, though! I eventually did get everything done.

The snowflakes were pretty big, so I could only fit a small amount of them in the bags and tins. I didn’t even get to try them before I gave them out, haha. However, my friends said that they were yummy. I hope they’re not just saying that to be nice!

I really wish I could have drawn pretty snowflakes this year, and I probably should have taken a picture of a cookie before I packaged them all. Ah, well. Next time! Oh, and here’s a cute photo bomb by my cat, Yuna:

Yuna and the Christmas Cookies

Perhaps she wanted a bite?

Wow, she makes the cookies look tiny! Anyhow, I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. The countdown to Christmas continues!