I still can’t believe it myself! The box finally came in today, and when I read the shipping label I already knew what was inside. It all started with an Urban Decay contest on Facebook:

This is for those OG UDers – Name 10 of the 19 Urban Decay Eyeshadow shades from our first launch in Fall 1997. Two randomly selected UDers with the right answers will each win a COMPLETE set of all current Urban Decay Eyeshadows.

By the time I saw this post, it was already up for almost half a day, so I was worried that I might have been too late to enter. I took a stab at it anyway, and although I was a bit hopeful, I knew the chances were low, so I didn’t think too much of it.

The contest received an overwhelming 1,062 entries before UD announced the highly anticipated official results:

Our TWO amazing OG UDers who will receive a complete set of available Eyeshadows are Elizabeth Adams Soriano and Ammy Sriyunyongwat! Of the 1000+ responses only about 20 of you had the right answers.. We promise to be sweeter with the next question.. Ladies, please email Facebook@UrbanDecay.com

I felt like my eyes popped out of my sockets when I read that post! Oh gawd, what? Me? Win a contest? NO WAY! I am totally unlucky when it comes to random contests, but it looks like I can’t say that any longer!

So here’s a glimpse of what UD heaven looks like:

“>Urban Decay Eyeshadow

Finally, I'm not dreaming!

An amazing sight, isn’t it? I’ll admit it — I am truly one-hell-of-a-lucky gal. I think I used up my life’s worth of luck on this one. Here’s another view without those middle shadows in the way:

Urban Decay Eyeshadow

I think my heart just stopped beating ...

I counted around 60 total, including some new shades like Aquarius, Dashiki and Free Love!

Thank you so much to Urban Decay for making my Christmas especially sweet! For a chance to win awesome loot like this and get updates of new products, please follow Urban Decay on Facebook! If I can win, you have a chance too!

Link: Urban Decay on Facebook