“>R&R Box December 2010

Yay for new stuff!

With more on the way, haha. I live in an apartment, so packages are usually left in the front office. I pick up stuff there so often that the receptionist doesn’t even need to ask for my apartment number anymore. E-shopaholic, indeed. So yes, a package today! I wonder what’s inside? … lol, who I am kidding, I already know what’s in the box!

“>R&R Box December 2010


YEEEAAAHHH, my Rock & Republic Blushes! I ordered them on Friday and they’re already here! It was no surprise though, since I promptly received shipping confirmation after I placed my order. So a BIG thumbs up to R&R online’s customer service! The arrival of my R&R loot is amazing considering none of my Black Friday orders are here yet. What gives?

R&R Box December 2010

Happiness times three.

The colors are Seduce, X-Rated and Immoral. I’d do swatches, but I plan on giving these away as presents! It’s best to share the love, right? (Although there’s a good chance I might keep one to myself, tee hee!) If you aren’t familiar with why R&R Contrived Pressed Blush is all the rage, I suggest you read my recent post about it here.

Another thing that I just received in the mail is this beauty:

tokidoki for LeSportSac L'amore Zucca

tokidoki for LeSportSac L'amore Zucca

If you didn’t know already, I am OBSESSED with tokidoki. I’ve been wanting this bag for the longest time, and I finally picked it up for a good price on eBay. I did have problems with the package though — I thought it was lost in the mail! The seller didn’t get a tracking number for the shipment, and the package was delayed due to the Thanksgiving holidays, so I seriously believed I was never going to get this bag. My advice to you: if you plan on selling stuff on eBay, never ship an order without a tracking number/delivery confirmation! Trust me, it’s worth it for both you and the buyer.

And lastly, a curious piece of mail from Sephora!

“>Sephora VIB December 2010

A gift, you say?

Mmmmm, curiouser and curiouser! I love gifts, so what’s more tempting than a gift I’ll love? This better not be some crappy promo!

Sephora VIB December 2010


Nice! It sure is sweet to be a Sephora VIB!

Sephora VIB $20 Gift Card
Valid December 2-13 in any Sephora store or on sephora.com
$40 minimum purchase required
Gift card is good on a single transaction

Time to decide on what to get! That’s going to be a toughie. I MUST buy something on sephora.com so I can get that free tokidoki Robbery tote! Ahhh!

My Black Friday orders should be coming in soon … I hope.

Links: Rock & Republic, tokidoki, Sephora