HoN Myrmidon

It's splashin' time!

Just took a peek at the latest Heroes of Newerth patch notes, and it sounds like we’re getting a new INT hero today!

A denizen of Newerth’s uncharted depths, Myrmidon has arisen to check the Hellbourne advance before it reaches his beloved seas. Like the ocean whose form he can take on, Myrmidon is powerful, fickle, and at times even cruel. With his ability to transform into a monster of terrifying strength and power, some question where his loyalties truly lie, but his might is certainly a welcome aid to the Legion in the war against the daemons.

And damn, he looks pretty wicked cool! In a nutshell, here are my boyfriend’s impressions on Myrmi’s new skills:

  1. Weed Field = Behemoth’s Fissure
  2. Wave Form = Kraken’s Tsunami Charge
  3. Forced Evolution (Ultimate) = the opposite of Maliken’s Ultimate, Possession

Hope he’s not too squishy! I’ll have to check it out later tonight.

Link: Heroes of Newerth