This was a spontaneous event with my girlfriends last month. It was a total success! I highly recommend hosting something like this if you feel like bonding with your girls. Here’s what we did all night.

First, we hit up Kroger to buy stuff to cook for dinner.  Add in the chips, ice cream, and alcohol, of course.  Once we all were stuffed, we headed out to CVS and Walgreens to do some good ol’ drugstore cosmetics shopping while we waited for the brownies to cool!

Back home, we broke into the host’s makeup stash and started doing some crazy makeovers.  We did a FULL makeover for our most timid girlfriend, complete with a photoshoot!  Took a break and helped ourselves to yummy brownies a la mode.  Guilt-free indulgence all night!

To take all that heavy makeup off, we did some heavy facial cleansing and each packed on a ridiculously green Mint Julep mask.  Topped our eyelids off with slices of cucumber and kicked back for a bit, while we gave each other foot massages.

Everyone had a fabulous time, and we all can’t wait for the next one!