Black Friday 2010 Icing by Claire's Haul

Gah, those swallow earrings are adorable!

I normally don’t go out for Black Friday shopping (I prefer to stay home and browse the online sales), but one of my best girlfriends really wanted to go to mall, and I couldn’t let her go alone! We headed to Willowbrook Mall in the early afternoon and went into every store of interest. In the aftermath, I came out with 3 sweaters: 2 from Forever 21 and 1 from LOFT, and a bunch of cute jewelry from Icing by Claire’s! As a side note, the sweaters were all $10! Woo hoo!

Yes, I admit I still shop at Claire’s! Best trendy accessories on a budget. I took advantage of the 5 for $10 Clearance Sale, and I got all you see above. Well, one of the necklaces was marked down to $5, so not quite. I’m missing the necklace I gave to my girlfriend, but hey, this was an AWESOME deal! The quality isn’t the greatest, but I have a pair of earrings from this brand that have lasted forever.

I just wore the key necklace today, and it was a nice, simple, vintage-y accent to my outfit! The anklet is going to my mom. She’s been having an odd fascination with anklets lately, and I immediately thought of her. A few months ago, she randomly showed me the anklet she was wearing and asked me: “Isn’t there some sort of association between anklets and French prostitutes?” LOL? What, mom?!?!